My husband and I started breeding and raising Mini Bernedoodles at the very beginning of 2016! It has been quite the journey and wild ride that has led us to today, but we are thrilled to be where we are at now!

It all started as kids. Before we new each other, we both had a strong passion for animals, especially dogs! Both families had multiple family dogs growing up, and that is something we bonded over immediately when we were first getting to know each other. My parents, my three sisters, and I enjoyed breeding a few Labrador Retriever litters with our beloved family dogs growing up. My sisters and I would spend hours on end out in our old farm building where the puppies were born. We would analyze every characteristic about the newborns and have them all named in a matter of hours. Names like "butterball" and "honey" would get tossed around! Experiencing this as a young girl gave me the back ground and a good chunk of the information I needed to know and instinct when it come to my current litters today. I've always known that this was something I could seriously be passionate about when I was older.

Fast forward to meeting my husband in college, moving back to his home town, getting engaged, and at that time searching for a home to live together, we looked at some amazing homes but they were all out of our budget. We were looking for a nice sturdy home that sat on a few acres, so one day, we would be able to build a dog facility and start our business. Unfortunately, we never quite found anything that fit all our criteria.

One day, we heard that a mutual friend was listing his home for sale! It was actually perfect because it was just down the road from where we currently lived and worked. Best part of all, he already had a newer constructed dog building, and was breeding Bernese Mountain Dogs on the side, to support his own BBQ Business. He and his new wife were looking for an in town home, and were ready to leave the country life behind. Lucky for us, we had the opportunity to buy everything!




We hit the ground running with the dog business. I was ecstatic to know there was going to be puppies in my near future, and my husband was ecstatic because there was hardly any start up cost associated with starting and building a dog breeding business from the ground up, like we were prepared to have to pay if we had purchased any of the previous properties that we looked at, which we were both dreading.

We started and never looked back, learning so much along the way from experiencing it first hand and having the help from family and some amazing friends. After a few years of successfully having litters born and finding the puppies amazing families, we knew what needed to come next. We have always had a vision for Country Lane not to be the biggest, but to be the best when it comes to the quality of our dogs and your experience when buying from us.

With essentially all of the profit that our Mama’s had given us so far, we decided

to break ground on a new 4400 sq. ft. dog building (4 times the size of our own house), drawn up by my husband and I on a piece of notebook paper, including every single thing we had learned thus far that we would need to make our adults and puppies comfortable, clean, and happy! We spent countless hours drawing up rough drafts of possible building set ups, until we finally landed on the right one. We tweaked it a couple dozen times before actually sending it off to the company that would be building our dream dog facility. In June 2017 (our wedding month) we started. By November, we had our first litter born inside it!




Today, many of our mamas have enjoyed the comfort of whelping a litter in our new nursery, and plenty of customers have walked through our front doors in awe of such a warm, welcoming place to meet their new family member.

In the future, the only direction that Country Lane will be going is up! Not in size, but in constantly learning, growing, and changing our practices to make our customers experience the absolute best that it can possibly be! My husband and I treat this business like it is our child and we only know to give it 100% and every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears - and yes, all three have made multiple appearances over the years. Even on our worst days, we still have so much to be thankful for, and we wouldn’t trade it for the world!

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