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 Meet Dora 

AKC Bernese Mountain Dog | Weight  75 lbs | Height 24" | DOB 12-07-19

Dora is a daughter to Dream & Buster, two of our own outstanding Bernese Mountain Dogs. Together, I knew they would create healthy, affectionate, stunning puppies!

Dora has been a joy to raise! She loves human attention and affection, yet still loves to explore and is curious to sniff about, but comes running back to check on you every couple of minutes. She's so attentive and loving, and that's what I love most about her!

Dora ranked OFA Hips - Good, Elbows - Normal, Heart - Normal, Patella - Normal. She is Von Willebrands (VWD1) and SOD1B Degenerative Myelopathy (SOD1B) clear by parentage, and one of the few Berners we have that is Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) clear!

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