Gotcha Day

for shipping customers

If you are reading this, you must be a customer that will be utilizing our airway shipping delivery option!


I want to ease your mind by telling you that I have never had a bad experience while flying my sweet pups. Most of my customers have their puppies delivered this way, as most of them aren't capable of traveling to Country Lane! I always use American Airlines, and I drop off at the same small Iowa airport every time. The ticket counter workers know me by first name, and light up when they see me come through the doors. Additionally, I want you to know that your pup was my baby first, and I would never send him off if I don't feel it to be 100% safe. I always have what's best for the puppy in mind. It is my #1 priority to get my babies from me to you safe and sound. I always request that once they've made it to you, you notify me right away!


Cargo shipping is a great option if you too want to bring a Country Lane puppy home, but can't travel to Iowa.


Airway shipping is an additional $500. I can fly the puppies to most major airports in the US only. After you pick your puppy, we will start working on an itinerary! I provide you with all the same details and tools I use to track the puppy's journey on travel day! I will also provide you with all the necessary info including where to pick up, what to bring, and what to expect!

Final payment paid in full no more than 24 hours prior to the puppy shipping out is required.


It is against airline (and my) rules to administer any type of sedation drugs. I get asked this question a lot. Your puppy will not be given any type of drug the day of shipping. 

The puppy will fly in a travel safe crate with an absorbent crate pad under your puppy's feet, a food and water bowl attached to the door, a 1 lb baggie of food for the workers to replenish during your puppy's connecting flight, as well as the very important folder of all your puppy's important documents attached to the top as well.

I am not allowed to send anything else with your puppy as far as toys, collars, leashes, and treats go. You will need to bring those items with you. 


Things to bring on "Gotcha Day": 

  • Your ID

  • Collar

  • Leash

  • Paper towels

  • Wipes

  • Old towels/blankets

  • Toys

  • Water

Things to remember for "Gotcha Day" and the first 48 hours:

  • Schedule your vet appointment! To comply my 1 year health guarantee, I require you to visit your vet and have you puppy checked no later than 72 hours after bringing him/her home. Please send me a copy of the report as well!

  • It is important to remember that this will be a new experience for your puppy! You may get them home and all they will want to do is sleep! That is normal and I recommend having a relaxing night for the first night in their new home! 

  • Don't over expose your puppy to too many new places or faces right away, even though I know this may be the first thing you want to do! They will be overwhelmed being in a new environment, so ease them into introductions to these new experiences.  

  • Let them experience things at their own pace. 

  • If you will be using a crate to crate train your puppy, place it in the room you are in and let the puppy explore it as he/she pleases. It's important for them to think of it as a safe place so they don't dread being in it when they need to be.

  • Set the food and water in a place that is easily accessible to the puppy. 

  • Let them eat/drink as much as they please for the first 6 months. After 6 months, switch to an adult dog food and give them the amount that is recommend for their weight on the back of the bag.

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