New Policies

September 19, 2016

Hello all!


I'm here to talk about some of our new policy changes that we have decided to make. After time, we have taken our processes into consideration, and we feel that these changes will help make things go smoother. I will be updating my FAQ page to reflect these changes as well.


Our non-refundable deposit will now be $500 rather than $200. The deposit's purpose is to hold your spot in line for choosing a puppy. The deposit shows me that you're interested and committed to this new puppy. The reason we are making this change is to ensure that you're serious about this commitment.


You will be able to move to the next litter one time only. If you had a deposit down for a puppy from a certain litter and something happened that had made you need to switch your deposit to the next upcoming litter, you are only allowed to do that once and you will be moved to the end of the deposit list. After you have moved to the next litter one time, you will have to choose a puppy from that litter. If you cannot find one in that litter that suits you, you may put a new deposit in and be put on the list again.


We will no longer be selling a breeding rights or "unlimited" package with our puppies. Our puppies will only be sold as pets from here on out.


If you have any questions about these new policies, contact me at!



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