You learned about us on our About Us page, but what about where you puppy grows up? It is a question that we get asked a lot, and any responsible future PAWrent should ask! 

When my husband and I purchased our home, our land, and our dogs, we had a building for our dogs already on our property. This building had spacious kennels, heated flooring, automatic fresh water supply, indoor and outdoor room to play among other things. It was great, but we had a vision.


Our dream was to have a spacious new building built and tailored specifically for our dogs and their puppies. We are proud to say that all of the money that our dogs have brought us has been put right back in to them, by giving them a facility that we think they require and deserve. Without our dogs, I wouldn't have gotten to make my passion my paycheck. I am forever grateful for the work they allow me to do daily, and life is good when you're surrounded by puppies all day every day!


When we took the leap and broke ground on this new building, we knew exactly what we wanted. We had been choring and raising up puppies in our previous facility for about a year and knew exactly what needed improvement and what would make our lives easier and our dogs lives happier! My husband and I can proudly look at our building today and say that it is 100% authentically ours, because we dreamed it all up and made it into a reality! 

Our new facility features:


  • a spacious office and reception area that is wonderful for meeting future and current clients 

  • a grooming room-where all the washing, combing, and grooming is done

  • enough room for all my novice photography work

  • two separate nursery rooms for our mamas to comfortably birth their puppies

  • ​an indoor adult wing ​connected to the indoor wing customized specifically for our dogs

  • an outdoor adult wing open on one side so our dogs can enjoy the scenery without being in the elements

  • a large storage room for cleaning and feeding supplies

  • heated floors, AC, forced air, and ventilation throughout

  • coming soon 2018: turf outdoor play areas!

The most important thing we could offer our dogs was space and comfort. We think we accomplished our goal with this 4400 sq ft state of the art facility. We wish we could show every single one of you this beauty because we are so proud of it. However, with the nature of this job, we recognize that, like anything dealing with newborns, specific bio security measures need to be in place. When visiting us, we do not allow our customers beyond our reception room. Certain viruses, bacteria, and unwanted germs can creep into places we don't want them, transferred by shoes and clothing! It is of utmost importance to us to continue to keep this new facility clean, and we do this by limiting our exposure! 

A video tour of our facility is coming soon! 

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