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 Country Lane 

If I had it my way, all of our litters would be raised in our home. I am the proudest dog mom you will ever meet, and completely obsessed with my dogs and puppies. Everything I do is for them! Ultimately, I know that it's not realistic for our big Bernese mamas to safely raise their puppies in our home. My husband and I barely fit in our tiny, little 1000 sq ft berm home, so that was out of the question.


We knew we needed a safe place to raise our litters that would withstand our large mamas and big litters, while still being clean, comfy, beautiful, bright, and welcoming. So we built it! 

Our facility is unique because my husband and I designed it ourselves! I'm a dreamer with a big love for design and all things pretty - ready to jump in and get started, and my hubby is a realist, with strong attention to detail and problem solving skills, putting so much thought into every decision he makes. So while we butted heads on some things (mainly my love for things to be cute and aesthetic but maybe not the most functional) ultimately, we drew up the perfect layout and design, and made it happen! 

Our 4400 sq ft custom dog building features:

  • a spacious office and reception area that is wonderful for meeting your new best friend

  • a restroom & laundry area

  • a grooming room where all the bathing, combing, and grooming is done

  • a photo studio area where all the puppy pictures are taken

  • two separate puppy rooms 

  • ​indoor/outdoor covered kennel runs for our adults

  • a large storage room for cleaning and feeding supplies

  • heated floors, AC, forced air, and ventilation throughout with several different zones designed to keep a comfortable atmosphere.

  •  8,015 sq ft of fenced in outdoor play yard

We like to think of our building as an extension of our home. We spend almost all of our time with our dogs into the late hours of the evening, and we have all of our necessities out there (which may or may not include a refrigerator, TV with Netflix, reclining couch to sleep on, and a Pizzazz pizza maker haha) and our puppies are still raised as part of the family and we absolutely shower them in love! We're very proud of this space we've created and we think the dog's love it even more than we do. 

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