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 Meet Penny 

F1 Mini Bernedoodle | Weight 35 lbs | Height 19" | DOB 06-21-19


Penny was born and raised right here at Country Lane, and she is a littermate sister to Raven and a full blood sister from a different litter to Belle. She will mother F1b Tiny and Micro litters for the first time in 2021!

Penny is the smallest of the three sisters and again, I just love her sable coloring. She's got a ton of white markings, too, making her look super flashy! Penny is more apprehensive than her sisters. It's always so interesting to see siblings different temperaments. With that being said, she's super loyal, and loves to be around her people (us) :) She can keep herself occupied, and doesn't always have to be right at your feet. She loves to play with and meet new dogs!

Penny is clear by parentage of all breed-relevant genetic health conditions. Penn Hip .44 rating above average for the breed, OFA Elbow - Normal, OFA Patella - Normal.

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