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 Meet Raven 

F1 Mini Bernedoodle | Weight 54 lbs | Height 23" | DOB 06-21-19


Raven was born and raised right here at Country Lane, and she is a littermate sister to Penny and a full blood sister from a different litter to Belle. She will mother F1b Tiny litters for the first time in 2022!

Raven is the biggest of the three sisters and I just love her burnt orange tan markings! I hope she passes those on to her future puppies and they retain those tan points like she has! Raven enjoys a challenge and is very aware of her surroundings. She is so smart, and is always the first one to figure things out. A leader, if you will! :)

Raven is clear by parentage of all breed-relevant genetic health conditions. Penn Hip .38 rating above average for the breed, OFA Elbow - Normal, OFA Patella - Normal.

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