When Covid began, and getting my puppies home to their out of state families by airway cargo became too unreliable for my liking, I knew there had to be a better solution. After trialing different flight nanny companies that hire someone to fly with my puppies in the cabin of the plane, I knew I was getting closer, but I still wasn't satisfied with the uncertainty of the nannies' standby scheduling technique, rather than having a confirmed booking delivery date/time. Then I had a thought. What if I could find someone that I know and trust to deliver my out of state puppies to their new families - a nanny of our very own. I began researching and brainstorming who I knew that would like to do this kind of thing, and my sister, Leah, came to mind!

She was so excited when I asked her. She loves puppies, and she loves to fly! Perfect! She has been delivering puppies for me for the better half of 2020, and it has been so much fun getting to follow along! If you want to learn more, keep reading. You can follow along with the adventures of Country Lane on a Plane by following on Instagram @countrylaneonaplane


+How does it work?

When your opportunity comes to pick out a puppy, if you're out of state and don't plan on visiting Country Lane in person, you will select your puppy during your scheduled phone call appointment on Go-Home Day. At that time, we will start working out the preferred delivery date/time details with Country Lane on a Plane. Once we've settled on a flight itinerary and ticket price, that payment, as well as the remaining balance for your puppy, is due before we book the ticket. Once we receive payment in full, we will proceed with the booking, and a confirmed delivery date and time is set! My sister will set up a meeting point at your airport on delivery day! She can only delivery one puppy at a time, so her services will be offered in order to those picking from the litter needing her service.

+How much does it cost?

You will be paying for the round trip plane tickets for us to fly from our state to yours and back (~$500+), the pet carry on fee to fly a puppy in cabin ($125), and the nanny fee of $500 that goes straight to my sister for being so kind to offer her service!

+Can more than one puppy be delivered to the same destination?

Sometimes, we'll have a few puppies from a litter needing delivery to the same destination. My sister can deliver two puppies at a time providing that their weight combined with the carrier's weight totals under 20 lbs. If so, the cost of the plane tickets, and pet carry on fee would be shared between the two families, and the nanny fee would drop down to $300.

+What type of payment method do you accept?

For the plane tickets + remaining puppy balance that is due upon receipt, we accept Venmo (@countrylanebernedoodles), and Paypal or credit card. For Leah's Nanny Service Fee due before or during hand off, we accept Venmo (@Leah-Babastro) or cash.

+Can I track the flights that my puppy is on?

Yes! In addition to my sister keeping you updated throughout the day when she can and posting updates on @countrylaneonaplane's Instagram, you can track the flights on your phone by Googling the Airline and Flight number, which my sister will disclose in the days leading up to delivery, to keep track of any changes with the flight’s time, terminal and gate. For Example, AA#2132 Also, the FlightView App is very useful.

+Do I get to keep the carrier?

Our carrier stays with us, so if you desire, you will need to bring a puppy sling or carrier to bring your puppy home in.