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 Meet Gabby 

AKC Bernese Mountain Dog | Weight 68 lbs | Height 22" | DOB 12-7-16


Gabby is our beautiful American Girl. We got her here in the states, and I just adore her. She literally looks like a stuffed animal!

She is an absolute joy to walk on the leash. She is obedient almost to a fault. She will match your speed and will turn on a dime with you, going wherever you lead! She doesn't bother playing with toys or the other pups out in the play yard. She gets her kicks laying right at your feet, watching the others play. She's an old, beautiful soul!

Gabby is Penn Hip tested (DI = .52 ranking at the breed average.) She is Von Willebrands (VWD1) clear, Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) single copy carrier (1 normal allele/1 DM mutation; puppies will not be affected when bred to clear sire. Read more here),  and SOD1B Degenerative Myelopathy (SOD1B) clear, OFA Patellar Luxation - Normal, and OFA Heart - Normal.

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