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All of our puppies are now $4000 (total) regardless of size, gender, or color. A $500 nonrefundable reservation fee is required to reserve your spot on the Bernedoodles size's waiting list of your choosing which will be deducted from the puppy's purchase price. Country Lane Bernedoodles are sold on a strict Spay/Neuter Agreement.

If you are out of state and need delivery, we are more than happy to direct you to our Country Lane on a Plane Flight Nanny! Your puppy will travel in cabin with our nanny on the airplane, not leaving their side, until they are hand delivered to you at your destination. We will not ship our puppies. An alternative option for receiving your puppy would be to meet us at our airport (Eastern Iowa Airport CID) to travel home with your puppy as a carry on pet.

Our puppies are raised on the Badass Breeder Advanced Puppy Curriculum. We spend ample time ensuring that we are raising the most well rounded, confident, eager-to-please companions possible. What we call our "Good Dog Groundwork" includes ENS, early learning opportunities in the whelping box, Daily 10 Step Gentle Handling exposure, sight/sound/tactile exposure, and daily enrichment activities that encourage our puppies to believe in their own abilities, while working with and for a human. After all that hard work, it is extremely important that our puppies are matched with the correct family, so for that reason our puppies aren't picked by their new owners until Go-Home Day at 8 weeks of age. 

Families will be able to make a well informed decision on Go-Home Day because I will have provided them with insight into our "Good Dog Groundwork" completed with every puppy from birth to the day they leave Country Lane, pictures and videos of the puppies growing up, a video of each individual puppy completing our Badass Breeder Puppy Evaluation, each puppy's individual  Evaluation scorecard, and a Puppy Wellness Exam completed by my vet ensuring that the puppy is in good health. True to our mission of transparency, any issues detected by our vet will be disclosed prior to puppy selection.

During their first 8 weeks, puppies will receive age appropriate vaccines and dewormings and become microchipped. On Go-Home Day, our families don't just leave with an adorable companion. We provide a generous puppy pack full of information about your specific puppy, a 2 year genetic health guarantee, a 1 lb bag of their puppy food, a leash/breakaway collar, a Snuggle Puppy with their mom/litter's scent, a fun new toy, + more! 

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