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 Go-Home Day Info 

Directions and Instructions for Selection/Go-Home Day at Country Lane

Go-Home Day is such an exciting Day! Read on to make sure you know everything there is to know.


I will email everyone with official assigned appointment times during the week of Go-Home. You will have exactly 30 minutes to complete your appointment. It is extremely important that you are on time. If you are late, the elapsed time will not be made up. You will only get the remaining amount of time to complete your selection. If you don't show during your appointment, you will be bumped to last pick. The purpose of the Go-Home Day selection appointment is to pick your puppy, sign your contract, and make your payment. Generally, we spend the first 15 minutes picking your puppy, and the last 15 minutes handling paperwork and payment. This page will give you all the information ahead of time, so that we can focus on the puppies during your appointment. Should you have any questions, please email me prior to your appointment.


Before visiting our facility, please do not spend time with any dogs or puppies, or visit ANY pet stores, shelters, humane societies, dog parks etc. for a minimum of 72 hours prior to Go-Home Day. Parvo is a very dangerous, highly contagious canine virus that can be innocently transmitted on clothing and shoes. It will kill an entire litter, if they are exposed.


Our facility: 

Country Lane Bernedoodles

1055 Pilot Grove Rd

Salem, Iowa 52649


When you arrive at Country Lane, you will see two driveways. The first driveway that is blocked with orange cones pulls into parking for our old house. Please do not use this driveway. Instead, use the second driveway just past the Country Lane sign and the mailbox. You may park in front of the orange cones there, or at the tan machine shed with the large white garage door, and walk down to the Country Lane Office under the covered porch. That way, you don’t have to back up the sloped driveway when you go to leave.


I also would like to mention that we are located off the main highway, and you will be driving on approximately 2 miles of gravel road to get to Country Lane.

Please bring your filled out and signed copy of the Dog Health Warranty, Purchase Agreement, & Spay/Neuter Agreement contract. Click to download.

Payment is due on Go-Home Day, so please have your plan for payment finalized. Personal checks are not accepted.


Sanitation protocol:

  • Before you visit our facility, please make sure you are wearing close-toed shoes, with a sole. We recommend not wearing valuable shoes, as you will be stepping in disinfectant before entering.

  • When you reach the door of our office, you will come across two mats, one of which is soaked with a hospital grade disinfectant. Please stand on this mat in the disinfectant solution for an additional five seconds. Y