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 Selection & Go-Home Day Info 

Directions and Instructions for Go-Home Day at Country Lane

Go-Home Day is such an exciting Day! Read on to make sure you know everything there is to know.


Before visiting our facility, please do not spend time with any dogs or puppies, or visit ANY pet stores, shelters, humane societies, dog parks etc. for a minimum of 72 hours prior to Go-Home Day. Parvo is a very dangerous, highly contagious canine virus that can be innocently transmitted on clothing and shoes. It will kill an entire litter, if they are exposed.


Our facility: 

Country Lane Bernedoodles

1055 Pilot Grove Rd

Salem, Iowa 52649


When you arrive at Country Lane, you will see two driveways. Please do not use the first driveway that is blocked with orange cones. Instead, use the second driveway just past the Country Lane sign and mailbox. You can park in front of the orange cones in this driveway, or at the tan machine shed with the large white garage door, then walk down to the Country Lane Office under the covered porch. 


I also would like to mention that we are located off the main highway, and there will be approximately 2 miles of gravel driving to get to Country Lane.

Please bring your filled out and signed copy of the Dog Health Warranty, Purchase Agreement, & Spay/Neuter Agreement contract. Click to download.

Payment is due on or before Go-Home Day, so please have your plan for payment finalized. Personal checks are not accepted.


Sanitation protocol:

  • Before you visit our facility, please make sure you are wearing close-toed shoes, with a sole. We recommend not wearing your favorite shoes, as you will be stepping in disinfectant before entering.

  • When you reach the door to our office, you will cross two mats, one of which is soaked with a hospital grade disinfectant. Please stand on this mat in the disinfectant solution for ~five seconds. You can choose to remove your shoes or place slip-on, disposable booties over your shoes that I will provide. Please keep in mind that small children will likely have to remove their shoes.

  • When you enter the office, you will be directed to the sink to wash/sanitize your hands. 


Thank you so much for participating in our efforts to keep our facility and puppies clean and free from the parvovirus and other harmful viruses!

Instructions for Virtual Selection

Puppy Selection happens the Thursday before Go-Home Day when the puppies are 7 weeks old. Prior to puppy selection, all families on the Litter Selection List will have had a chance to review each puppy's photos, videos, temperament testing assessment videos, vet wellness exam form, and info sheet to assist them in selecting the right puppy for their family. Families will make selections during the scheduled times for puppy selection by phone call, text, or email.

I will be contacting you from my phone (319-261-9634) when the appointment ahead of yours has concluded.

I will email assigned appointment times out a few days before selection day. You will have 15 minutes to complete your appointment and let me know which puppy you choose. It is extremely important that I am able to reach you during your assigned appointment time. Elapsed appointment time will not be made up. You will only get the remaining amount of time to complete your selection. If you are unable to be reached during your assigned appointment, you will be bumped to last pick. Should you have any questions, please email me prior to your appointment, so that we can focus on discussing the puppies during your appointment.

I will send you a "Final To Dos" email after your appointment including a link to schedule your Go-Home Day appointment time. You will also see your final balance for you to pay on or before Go-Home Day (read more on payment instructions below). It will also contain the Dog Health Warranty, Purchase Agreement, & Spay/Neuter Agreement contract over through Docusign for you to complete, a link to register your pup's microchip, and information on how to complete registration for our mandatory 30 day free trial of pet insurance through Trupanion.


Payment must be paid in full by Go-Home Day. Accepted forms of payment are Venmo (@countrylanebernedoodles), cash, or cashiers check. Venmo often has a spending limit, so please keep that in mind so that there are no surprises on Go-Home Day in regards to funds for payment.


Credit card is also an acceptable method, however, a 3% fee will automatically be applied to your total. You can use the website link below to submit using credit card (additional 3% fee) with the password clbpayments

Shopping Guide

Click here for an amazon list of puppy essentials!

Puppy Packs - What is sent home with your puppy?

Some of these items may not be included due to unavailability or price changes. Unfortunately, the Snuggle Puppy is no longer gifted, as they raised their bulk purchase pricing and I can no longer get it for a reasonable price. If you are still interested in having the Snuggle Puppy added to your Puppy Pack, you can purchase it from us (cheaper than wholesale) for $24, and we will familiarize the puppies with them and add mother and littermates scent to it for you.

Puppy Pack Files

Click to Download

Go-Home Instructions

This file explains how to properly acclimate your puppy to it's new home!

New Puppy Care Handout

This file has everything you could possibly want to know about your new puppy and how to care for them. Most questions you have within the first day or two with your new puppy can be answered here.

Grooming Guide

This file is your guide to grooming your Bernedoodle! 

Socialization Guide

This file is your guide to socializing your puppy. 

What food should you buy?


We feed our puppies Royal Canin Puppy Food. From weeks 1-8 in our care, we feed mom and puppies the Mother and Baby Dog formula. A 1 lb sample of that food will be sent home with them. At 8 weeks, they are ready to graduate from this food, so you will need to purchase a bag of the food above. For our Mini and Tiny sized puppies, we recommend the Medium formula, and for our Standards or Bernese, we recommend the Large formula. It is intended that you use the 1 lb sample from us to mix in with your bag of food for the first week so they can become accustom to their new kibble and wean off their old. Royal Canin can be found at most large chain pet stores or online. Click the bags above to be taken to where you can set up an auto-ship service if you would like.

Their food is not being limited here while living with their siblings. This means that food is always available to them and is what's best to ensure all puppies have an equal opportunity to eat and not compete for food with their siblings. Once they head home, we recommend letting your puppy "graze" for the first few days to let them get used to where their new food and water station will be. Grazing means keeping your puppy's food bowl full at all times and letting them go up and eat whenever they please. We know that if a puppy is eating all the time, they will probably be going potty all the time, so when you feel that they have established where their eating station is, we recommend starting a schedule/feeding routine and feeding them no less than 3-4 meals per day. You will find the amount to feed your puppy on the chart on the back of your dog food bag according to their weight. You should split this total daily amount up between their daily meals. It is important for a puppy to have meals because it helps distribute calories and energy throughout their day. We love using these "meals" as training sessions and we hand feed them their kibble as the treats when they do good!


Should you want to switch to a different brand of food, please keep them on a premium quality puppy food appropriate for their size. This is necessary while they are growing, roughly for the first 12-18 months. Another brand we recommend is Purina Pro Plan. The steps below should be followed over the period of a week to transition from the food they were used to at Country Lane to the new food you wish to feed.


Crate Training

We recommend the Midwest Life Stages crate with the divider panel. The divider panel makes it possible for you to buy the size crate needed for the adult size of your pet, and divide off the kennel into a smaller size for when you are crate/potty training your puppy.

For Standard Bernedoodles & Bernese we recommend the 42-inch or the 48-inch size.

For Tiny and Mini Bernedoodles we recommend the 36-inch size.


Nuvet Supplements

Immunity Gap.png

click image to purchase

Trupanion Medical Insurance for Pets


Online Training


You should start training your puppy immediately once you bring them home! We love these online training methods above for that reason. You can get started right away at your own pace in the comfort of you own home! Method K9 and Baxter & Bella are both great programs that I have used with my own pets. Click on the images above to be directed to their pages.


I love Baxter & Bella for it's easy-to-use and fun-to-follow features. A membership with Baxter & Bella is not just training videos. It includes lifetime access to lessons and videos, games and activities, a resource library full of articles and helpful info, video archives, parent forums, and LIVE support. It's the leading provider of online dog training, and we are so excited to partner with them. Use coupon code "CLB25" at sign up for 25% off. 

Method K9 is an actual full time dog trainer in the PNW. It wasn't until recently that she started online courses training families from all over how to use her incredible training techniques. If you are truly wanting to take your dog training to the next level, this is the course for you. She has several courses available, and I personally have purchased the Puppy Jump Start (ages 8 weeks-5 months) and Basic Foundation (ages 5 months+) courses. After you purchase you will have access to the courses for up to a year. I am working on getting my customers a coupon code for these courses, so I will update in the future if I'm successful. I will say that they are well worth their money!

Other free training videos I find helpful, as well as the desensitizing sounds our puppies listen to daily (that we recommend you play for them moving forward as well) are located below.