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Welcome to Country Lane Bernedoodles

Curriculum raised Bernedoodles 

At Country Lane Bernedoodles, we raise exceptional Bernedoodle puppies in a loving and caring environment. Dedicated to following a responsible breeding program, our focus is on keeping our puppies healthy and happy for when they find their new homes.


About Us

Country Lane Bernedoodles is a well-known Bernedoodle Breeder in the beautiful Midwest ran by a wonderful husband and wife team. Cody and Rycki have been breeding since 2016, when what started out as a unlikely dream turned into a fulfilling and life-changing enterprise. Our main priority is ensuring the health and well-being of all our puppies from birth until they leave with their forever family - and beyond. The happiest days for us are when one of our Bernedoodles is adopted by a loving and welcoming family.



Our Bernedoodle Sizes


80-100+ lbs

Our F1 Standard Bernedoodles are the result of breeding a Bernese Mountain Dog to a Standard Poodle. This first generation cross (50% Bernese/50% Poodle) produces wavy, low to non-shedding, allergy friendly coats. The Standard Bernedoodle is typically a low-energy dog and makes a great companion for a relatively inactive person. We specialize in Black Tri Color here at Country Lane. Families love our Standards for their goofy, calm, and affectionate personalities.



35-55 lbs

Our F1 Mini Bernedoodles are the result of breeding a Bernese Mountain Dog to a Mini Poodle. This first generation cross (50% Bernese/50% Mini Poodle) produces wavy, low to non-shedding, allergy friendly coats. The Mini Bernedoodle is a medium energy dog, which makes them an awesome balance of mellow and small bursts of athletic energy. Our Mini's are usually Black Tri color and Sable Tri color. Families love our Mini's for their charming, loving, and intelligent personalities.


25-35 lbs

Our F1b Tiny Bernedoodles are the result of breeding an F1 Mini Bernedoodle to a Mini Poodle. This second generation cross (25% Bernese/75% Poodle) produces wavy or curly, non-shedding, hypoallergenic coats. Tiny Bernedoodles fall between the medium and high energy level categories which makes them slightly higher energy than an F1 generation dog, yet extremely intelligent and trainable! Our F1b Tinys range greatly in color and markings. We usually see black or chocolate tri color, phantom, or apricot coloring and some have parti markings! Families love our Tiny's for their smaller size, non shedding, and intelligent, sweet personalities!


Contact Us

We aren't adding to our waiting lists while we move to a reserve by availability style of reservation system. If you're looking for a puppy right now, check for openings in our current litters and get notified of any availability by subscribing to our mailing list!

Country Lane Bernedoodles

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